An old Levantine Saying is: «Au Bazar rien n'est rare!»


The quarters of “Le Bazar” of the Levant are ideally placed in the naturist area. The Bazaar is one of the first shops built at the time of the creation of the 'naturist domain of Heliopolis' by the pioneers of the naturism movement, the doctors Durville. You will find the necessary, the useful and the pleasant...
You will have only a few meters to do to access the shops of the Bazaar:


The convenience store of the BAZAR (VIVAL), in partnership with the CASINO company, will offer foodstuff (including a selection of bio products) all that you need during your stay.


This trade is open throughout the year, opening days and hours vary depending on the season. Having at heart to provide you with healthy products and quality, we have selected a greengrocer, allowing us to offer fruits and vegetables, mainly produced locally or in France and delivered daily in season. The inhabitants in the year and owners can also buy their appliances, bedding, gas...


The “Tabac du Bazar” , offers all year your favorite brands of cigarettes, books and in full season local and international press. For your entertainment you will also find beach and resort wear (wraps, towels, umbrella, solar products, camping gas...)